Letter Carving

At Cumbria Stone Walling, I produce entirely hand-crafted stone letter carving for house signs and a wide variety of other settings. I work with both freshly sawn stone and on weathered stone in situ (for example, on boulders or existing stonework).

traditional hand-carved house number sign, made in Cumbria.

Every piece of letter carving is custom made to suit the stone and it’s final setting. This means I can work to provide lettering that is unique to your property.

The following are some of the services I can provide:

  • New sawn stone signs for house names and numbers,

  • Letter carving on reclaimed stone, for a more weathered appearance,

  • In situ carving, for example, for no parking signs or footpath directions using local boulders,

  • Installing and fixing new signs, &

  • Cleaning and repainting existing signs.